In this movie you will see hot to count polygon and vertex for checkmate models in 3Ds Max, you will learn how to get the correct and accurate counts of polygon and vertex for any CheckMate model. There are very specific ways for CheckMate defining the polygon and vertex count that only includes the geometry of the models. To get the proper count you must delete any scene, rigs and certain modifiers such as TurboSmooth, Meshsmooth, smooth, shell, hair and fur, physic, bone, Cloth, Skin, lattice, tesselate, HSDS, optimize, ProOpimize, Face Extrude, and subdivide.

In this video you will be experienced with the model that is rigged with CAT rig and animated, first you will have to unfreeze and unhide all the objects in your scene. You will learn how to delete the Helpers and Bones if your scene contains on them. After clearing your scene by deleting all the unwanted mentioned objects and modifiers you will see how to get the correct vertex count.

Covered in the video:
Deleting Helpers
Bones Deleting
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Software: Autodesk 3Ds Max
Level: Beginners