In this demonstration you will learn about how to use modifiers of 3Ds Max, using the 3Ds Max modifiers you can destroy any kind of object, a modifier can be used to create more complex geometry in 3Ds Max in a very easy way. You can find a variety of modifiers in 3Ds Max and each one is more powerful than another.

Step1: In this demonstration you will see how to apply a modifier on your object from the Modifiers List. In the modifier list there are many modifiers to choose from but in this tutorial the first modifier that you will learn about is a bend Modifier.

Step2: In the next step you will learn about applying more than one Modifier on your object by applying a lattice modifier, while using the Latice modifier you will learn about its parameters and how to adjust them.

Step3: Next you will learn about how to turn off or on an applied modifier to stop its effects on the object, you can turn on or off any modifier from the stack to stop its effects. You will also learn about deleting the applied modifiers and this will also delete the effects created while applying it on the objects.

Step4: Next thing you will learn in this video is Collapsing Modifiers, Collapse the modifiers allows you to delete the modifier itself but not its effects on your object. But there is one disadvantage of collapsing modifiers, you can not make any changes in your modifiers once you collapse them. By collapsing the modifiers you totally lost control over the modifier’s effects to modify them.

Covered in the video:
Modifiers List
Bend Modifier
Lattice Modifier
Collapse Modifiers
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Software: Autodesk 3Ds Max
Level: Beginners