Mr. Mohit Manuja will teach you how to create a picture gallery with fade-in effects using Adobe Flash CS6. The gallery you will learn to create in this video will be an auto advancing picture gallery with some fade effects, you will be using the timer class with the transition manager class in Adobe Flash. Mohit will use three images but you use as many pictures as you want.

The first thing you will in this video is creating an action script with Action panel in flash, you will also learn to create the script to use the transition manger.

Covered in the video:
Action Function
Transition Manager
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Software: Adobe Flash CS6
Level: Beginners

  • bobo

    I have this 2 error how do i solve it.
    source: if(mytimer.currentCount==f){play();)
    1084: Syntax error: expecting identifier before rightparen.

    1084: Syntax error: expecting rightbrace before end of program.

    • kamransail

      Here is the link where you can download all the scripts… ( )

  • deegoire

    I had to remove the stop(); introduced in line 5 (moved to line 7) in asc frame 1 to get this to work.