After Effects – Logo Removal with Motion Tracking

Posted August 2, 2012 by Colin in Adobe

In this movie Mr. Jordan Shipman will show you about the logo removal with motion tracking in Adobe After Effects. Following these ways you can remove logo from video clips using motion tracking and the paint or clone stamp tool.

Step1: So the first thing you will see is setting up your work area in the timeline to focus on the clip that you want to remove the logo from. You will how to create a new Null Object in the timeline this will work for tracking the specific object for removal.

Step2: Once learned to place the track object next you will see how to work with the stamp tool to place a small override on the place of logo by doing a clone procedure with stamp tool.

Step3: Next you will add a Freeze frame effect to your layer this will freeze the frame. You will see how to draw a mask on the clip using the Pen tool, this will cover the spot so it will move where the logo goes.

Covered in the video:
Creating Null Object
Stamp Tool
Freeze Frame
Pen Tool
Turn off HD for fast streaming

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Software: Adobe After Effects
Level: Beginners

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