In this tutorial you will learn about CAT (Character Animation Tools), the CAT in 3Ds Max is a character animation plug-in to facilitate character rigging, animation layering, motion-capture import, non-linear animation and many others.

The video series is divided into several movies in the first movie you will get the knowledge of the basic workflow of CAT works. In this movie you will see about creating and editing presets rigs, fitting them to a specified mesh and will learn to generate a walk cycle to test your work.

In this movie fist thing you will learn about is CAT preset objects, the list of presets is extensive as you as you can see and even includes a familiar looking biped. Easily creating rigs for multi-legged creatures make CAT more significantly attractive. As a practice you will learn to create a human CAT rig from the basic human preset, there are two ways that you can manipulate the rig the one is Modify panel and the other one is Motion panel. The motion panel is used for animation and in the Modify panel you can adjust the rig.

In the modify panel you will learn to adjust the rig such as moving, rotating, scaling and many others, you will learn to adjust the basic human bones of the legs, arms, neck etc. You will add a Skin modifier on your rig for the purpose of basic skinning and accept the default setup which probably would not be ideal.

Covered in the video:
CAT Objects
CAT Presets
Modify Panel
Skin Modifier
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Software: Autodesk 3Ds Max
Level: Intermediate
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