In this part of the movie you will learn to creating new rigs from scratch, in movie one you have seen how you can create a skeleton from scratch as opposed to start using a preset and modifying it. In the previous movie you start off a CAT project by using a preset rig and editing, but sometimes you may find it easier to create a CAT rig from the start when your character or creature is somewhat out of the ordinary.

You will learn how to create a rig from the scratch for you out of ordinary models. The first thing you will learn to create is Pelvis. This act like a center of mass for any creature. Next you will learn to create extra rig objects from the pelvis object such as legs and you will learn to make transform adjustments until you satisfied.

Once you have finished creating both back legs for your creature next you will learn to create Spine and the front legs as well. There will be some areas of your creature that are out of the skeleton’s range when you apply a skin modifier, in order to accommodate those areas you will learn to add more individual bones. You will see how you can save a rig preset for your later use if you want.

Covered in the video:
Helpers Panel
Creating Spine
Creating Pelvis Legs
Creating Rig Preset
Skin Modifier
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Level: Intermediate