In this video tutorial of 3ds max you will learn to make very basic Glow lightning effect using standard 3ds max rendering engine and glow effects in two ways.  In this tutorial you will learn to create the lightning animating with the path to generate a moving lightning, so let’s begin this tutorial with a new refresh 3ds max interface.

In this video tutorial of 3ds max you will begin to create the lightning with just a straight line (spline) so all of first go to the splines tab and chose the line from the object type and draw it in your front view port of 3ds max. As we can’t render just a line in 3ds max so we will have to make it renderable by applying some modifiers on our spline object, but before doing so we will have to apply some other modifiers on our line object. Go to the modify tab and under the selection tool and click on the segments, to break the line into segments select the line and scroll down to the divide, type 30 in the box right next to the divide button and hit enter. After that select a group of vertices (as shown in the video) and go to the modifier list and apply a Noise modifier on the selected vertices.

After applying and working with noise modifier’s parameters, you will learn to make our line renderable in the 3ds max render window. So now our third step will be to add some glow effects in rendering to create lightning effects, after this you will learn to animate our created light with a path, so this video tutorial of 3ds max teaches you how to create a lightning path animation.

  • exit151

    Wanted to thank you for a well put-together tutorial! I have been struggling for the right mix (as an absolute newcomer to 3DSMax) and yours was great. Easy to follow, you explained each step and where / why it’s used, and I followed through with ease creating my lightning / animation! Keep up the good work, and thank you so much!