In this video you will learn to adding water reflection in Photoshop, using these techniques you can you can create a water reflection effect on any image or landscape. This tutorial is for beginners and is provided in Hindi language.

Once you open your image in Photoshop you will have to make duplicate layer for your image, you will see how to add some extra space in your image document to add the reflection.

Next thing you will learn in this tutorial is adding Mask Layer on your downward flipped image. You will apply a Gradient tool on your image to create a fade image effect.

In the next step you will learn to create the basic effect for water reflection and saving it as your psd file to use it on the image, you will see how you can use this early created psd file to put a water reflection effect on your image using the Displace Filter.

Covered in the video:
Canvas Size
Layer Mask
Gradient Tool
Gaussian Blur
Displace Filter
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Powered by: Youtube
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Level: Beginners

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